TUTSE Seminar Topics

Emerging Cloud and iOT Technologies

  • Analytics in the Cloud, Computation in the Cloud, Infrastructure Programming
  • AWS versus Azure – Performance, Scalability, Microservices, VPCs
  • Case Studies – Netflix, Federal and State Agencies in the Cloud
  • New Challengers – Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud
  • Internet of Things, The Cloud Advantage

Emerging Mobile and Database Technologies

  • The NoSQL Revolution, Normalization, DeNormalization and Consequences
  • Mobile App Design – Lessons Learnt, Building cross platform mobile apps

Enterprise Infrastructure Architecture

  • Active Directory, Forests/Trees, Network Appliances, Storage Area Networks  
  • Asset Management, Centralized Assets Master DataBase (CMDB) 
  • Corporate Firewalls, Network Proxies, Hybrid Cloud

Application Architecture – Patterns and Best Practices

  • Model View Controller, Angular JS, Node.js, Event-Driven Programming 
  • Publish Subscribe, Request Response, Façade, Proxy, Broker
  • SOA  and n-Tier Applications, Performance Metrics, Tuning and Optimization

Application Vulnerabilities

  • Intrusion Prevention, Common Attacks, Social Engineering Attacks
  • Cross Site Scripting , Request Forgery, SQL Injection
  • Best Practices to Secure your Applications in the Cloud, On-Premises